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Gluten free restaurants guide Cape Town

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

We just returned from a break in South Africa. A few days in Johannesburg for a wedding, then we spent some time in and around Cape Town. We went self catering throughout,  but also ate out a few times.

I remember in 2015 going to a restaurant in Hartbeespoort Dam (a couple of hours outside Johannesburg). The first restaurant we went to the lady was friendly and keen to help, but had no idea what gluten free meant. After realising the lunch menu had nothing that was gluten free she suggested, I can get you a pie if you would like?!!! Gave us something to laugh about! We played it safe and went to a steak house instead. What could go wrong with steak, jacket potato, and vegetables? Well I suffered a bit later on. I don't think the chef got the request to do the steak in a separate pan. It was done on the grill where other gluten things are cooked, and I am super sensitive to cross contamination. A lot of people have no idea that a crumb can be enough to have an effect!

I had much better luck with gluten free in Cape Town on this latest trip. There seems to be much more awareness. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite finds.

Good Food and Company

My absolute winner of a place has to be Good Food & Company in Franschhoek. Ok, so this one is not actually in Cape Town, it is about an hours drive outside of Cape Town in the beautiful wine region Franschhoek. They are a deli, so they are only open in the day time.

It is owned and run by two lovely sisters Joey and Emmarentia. Emmarentia has a list of food intolerances as long as mine, so the staff and chefs are  thoroughly trained. They are really friendly and helpful, and OMG, the food is so delicious! I had a homemade burger with salad and chips. What a treat. I would never normally be able to to select that on a menu. You had the option to go for sweet potato fries instead of chips, or just to go for more salad. The burgers were served in a giant mushroom instead of a bun (although gluten free buns were also available as an option). They served a complimentary mini gluten free cake with your drink. (My husband ate mine, as I don't do eggs!). They also had a selection of ready made meals to take away (if that is your thing!), and apparently they even do home deliveries!. I would highly recommend a visit here, and Franschhoek is a beautiful wine region that you wouldn't want to miss! Just look at the view! Address is 13 Main Road, Franschhoek, 7690.


Addis in Cape

My favourite restaurant in central Cape Town was Addis in Cape. 41 Church Street, (On the corner of Long and Church street).

Open for lunch and dinner Mondays - Saturdays. It is an Ethiopian restaurant, with a gluten free kitchen. Their cuisine is naturally gluten free, as Injera is traditionally made with Teff, a gluten free flour that is high in iron. They also do rice flour injera, which is cheaper (although I didn't try the rice flour version, as I love Teff!). This restaurant even has some options for garlic and onion free for the low fodmappers! They also have several vegan options. A lovely tasty dining experience that I would highly recommend.



For a delicious vegan lunch try Plant. They are based at 8 Buiten Street, Cape Town 800. They make everything from scratch, from good quality nutritious ingredients. They also do really nice smoothies, that are not overly sweetened. Mine was just perfect! Really nice decor in the restaurant and a great vibe! They have been around since 2013, and describe themselves as a place where vegans and people with food allergies can find great food without sacrificing taste.


Some other places that were recommended to me, but that I ran out of time to visit on this trip are:

Dear Me

Dear Me - based at 165 Long Market Street. Open for breakfast and lunch Mondays to Fridays. They have a great looking menu with options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, wheat free, lactose free, egg free, nut free, reduced sugar, reduced starch.


Raw and Roxy

Raw and Roxy 8 Bree Street opens Monday to Saturday during the daytime. Serves raw and vegan food, and sounds amazing. Will definitely visit next time!


Sexy Food

Sexy Food 190 Bree Street. Opens Sunday to Friday during the daytime. Serves Organic, vegan food. The owner had cancer as a 17 year old, and developed this clean eating restaurant. Plenty of fermented food on the menu, and sounds delicious.


If you have any more Cape Town recommendations I would love to hear about them, or to hear about your experiences if you have visited any of the ones I mentioned, please leave a comment.

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