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Self catering in Aruba with food intolerances

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Aruba September 2014.

We booked a self catering villa for Aruba, so that we didn't have to worry about eating out. I was not really sure what to expect of this island. The supermarkets were surprisingly really well stocked with gluten free foods, so shopping was easy. In fact the supermarket was almost better stocked than back in the UK!

I found a gluten free vegan bread that I could buy, made from rice flour (It is hard to buy bread in the UK supermarkets due to the maize that gets put into everything!).

There were lots of gluten free products in Aruba, there is a huge American influence here, is that a reflection on what the supermarket stock...? Yes, Aruba feels like an extension of America, but with beautiful Caribbean sea and white sandy beaches.

We didn't eat out that much, but the Yemanje Grill probably stands out the most for having a good gluten free menu, and being set up to cater for intolerances. www.yemanja-aruba.com

Overall, lots of fresh fish and steaks so grilled was a good option as long as you checked with the staff/chef.

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