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Travel in Annecy with food intolerances

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Annecy, France March / April 2016

I had to go to Annecy for work, and combined it with a bit of a holiday too, and took my husband along.

It can be a worry going somewhere new, and not knowing how they might respond to your food intolerances, particularly when English is not the first language. I made my own personalised translation cards by using google translate, to help me explain my situation to restaurants. 

I tried to research gluten free Annecy, but the internet didn't come up with much.

Annecy is so beautiful - it has earned the nickname of the Venice of the Alps, and you can see why!

These were my three favourite finds:

On our first day we discovered a brilliant organic lunch time place called L'Heure Bio.

The people in Annecy are very friendly, and speak reasonable English, but it is still good to show them your request in French to be sure they understand..

The lady was so very helpful, and completely un-phased by my requests. She suggested a delicious coconut milk, cod, sweet potato and vegetable dish. The restaurant is small, but centrally located. It is just a shame they don't open at night!

L'Heure Bio, 8 Passage des Bains, 74000 Annecy, France.

Another evening we went to a restaurant that was a little bit out of town called Wadad. It is a traditional Lebanese restaurant, with delicious humus! The staff spoke really good English, and were completely knowledgeable about gluten, and special dietary requests. They only had two gluten free main course options on the menu (and those options happened to also be vegan.) I had an aubergine, salad and rice dish, with a side of humus. My husband tried a Lebanese wine which was surprisingly delicious. I definitely don't associate Lebanon with wine!

Wadad, 33 Avenue de Geneve, 74000, Annecy, France

The next find - La Part des Anges, was possibly my favourite. (We did end up going back there three times!) My poor husband was like really? three times in a row? I suggested it to a group of my work colleagues and we went back to get a table for 7 people. My colleagues all loved it too. The restaurant was completely willing to change around a dish to suit your needs. For example the fish was meant to come with rice in a cream sauce, but they swapped that for potatoes for me. The duck in a red wine sauce was SO good! I tried snails for the first time too, but I could take or leave that dish (the sauce is the best bit!)

La Part Des Anges, 23 Rue Sommeiller, 74000 Annecy

We did also go looking for a place called Granny Smiths that was supposed to be a healthy eating raw food cafe. Don't bother, this place seems to have closed down!

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